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Round head ion removal lon-izing and steel-toed ion removal lon-izing difference

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Working principle of air pressure gun and steel-toed round head ions removal lon-izing basic same, but the truss head ion removal lon-izing safer than steel-toed ionic air pressure gun, won't shock people.

     Ionization device, the effects of the low current high voltage in the high voltage generator, the formation of a stable, high-strength electric field ionization air plasma formation, by high pressure air flow out of the reach the surface of the object and purpose of nertralizes static and dust removal.

Round head ion fan product characteristics are the following:

·And electrostatic quickly

·Ion air cover area is large

·Safety induction electric shock

·Guns have good grounding protection

Application: apply to hard disk manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronic assembly line production and packaging, the LED assembly line, the semiconductor assembly lines, microprocessors, etc.

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